Hungry Ghost (2003)

Pink Man performance by Sompong Thawee

If King Kong stood for untamed savagery and Godzilla for nature's revenge on nuclear age man, then Pink Man the monster is surely their exact opposite. There he stands, in his shiny pink suit, the sum total of contemporary man the monster, as built and bred by extreme capitalism.
His whole being ruled by insatiable greed, unchecked by any belief system, social, religious or political, he has become one of the 'hungry ghosts' that dutiful Buddhists are supposed to pity and to save by sending them vibrations of love. Through such acts of kindness, we hope to save ourselves from Hell. But alas, we are already there, forever hungry in Hi-tech Hell. How strange that we yearn so much to kill Godzilla and King Kong, yet we condone the existence of Pink Man the monstrous Hungry Ghost. He roams our streets with impunity,and we do nothing.

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