Shocking Pink Collection (1998)

Pink Man performance by Sompong Thawee

Fancy and Fantasy Costumes for image-building and role-playing, in life-sized photographs lit by neon (similar to the detached bills placed in front of shops),
Sompong Tawee is depicted in various pink costumes characterizing different fronts within a personality. The series is a satire on the Thais being more obsessed with form than content.
Three of the photographs are particularly effectful: Globalizing Pink Man wearing a suit and a mobile phone with one foot resting on a globe,
Siamese Intellectual posing with a glass of wine and a pink stick surrounded by books,
and Thai Hi-so Man standing in front of Ananta Samakom Throne Hall with an imperialistic expression on his face.

Shocking pink collection01 Shocking pink collection02 Shocking pink collection03 Shocking pink collection04 Shocking pink collection05 Shocking pink collection06 Shocking pink collection07
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