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January Wide open eyes
Bangkok Art Project 1998

Art for the King
Make for Tomorrow
First Impression

Woman Opportunity
Landscapes of Nan Province
Realism in Fantasy
Throwing a Stone Towards the Past
Landscape from Nan

February Wash Painting
Alter Ego

The Miracle Days of Awakening
Womanly Abstract
Oriental Mystic
X-Ray Vision
Bangkok Relax
Out of date
Bung Boraphet 1999

March Amazing Mini Art
Two Men'N Duo Tone

39 Years Retrospective(Kamol Tassananchalee)
Paintings on His Majesty
Tell the Tale Through the Time
The Power of Nature
Womenifesto II
Art Thesis Exhibition

April Portrait
Middle period:New York 1967-1973:Lost and Found (Inson Vongsam)

The Ways of Thai Life
Thai Country Life
Realistic Paintings
Contemporary Art Exhibition By Manit Poo-Aree
Flowers in Bangkok
Colour of Summer
Unity of Arts in Honour of His Majesty the King's 72nd Birthday
Asian Art Exhibition
Future is based on Trust

May Comtemporary Exhibition by Art instructors of Technology,Lat Krabang
Naked 94-98
The Thai Rural Life in Thai Painting
On the way of art
Art Showing by ML. Buciamaht Nandawan
Exhibition of Brushpaintings
Thai Art Exhibition
The Spirit of Stroke
Table Time
Underwater Scenery
Cherishing Dream-Painting
The sound of the Rising Tide
Free Stone
Face of Siam
New Essence
Art Exhibition by Sutee Kunavichayanont

June 5 Decades The National Exhibition of Art 1949-1998
Try to Remember
Art Exhibition of the Fine Arts College's Alumni
Cobalt Blue Group
Drama and Tranquillity
Luang Prabang
7 Brushes
Seven artist
Two Visions from Bordeaux
Learning from Art
Bangkok Lotus Project
Vietnamese art
Power of Nature 1999
Sensorial 1
One's Not Enough
The Untitled Project(Clay story)
Inner-Landscapes Shapter 2

July A Moment of Movement
Naked Heart
Message of Love in Art
The National Archive
From American Landscapes
Thai Paintings
Two Men'N Duo Tone
Chaos in the Rough
Paintings from the Soul
Journey in Pattern and Colour
Who Save the Moon is Round?
Poetry through Paintings
Walls and Ways of the Wilderness
Chalood Nimsamer 1953-1999
Splendour of Classic Art
Spirit of Rice Seed
Back to Nature at 60
Excursions along Water Way
Salon Show
Mather Figure
Watercolor by Manote Klinsap
Fantasia Latina
Paintings by May May Jumsai
Surface/Tension by Umporn Kanvareerak+Thakon Khaosa-ad
Dimension of lines and colours
Apperance and Reality
New Heart

August The 6th Thailand Art Awards Exhibition (The Phillip Morris Group of Companies)
Contemporary Art Exhibition of Art Lectures, Bangkok University
Reality of Nature by Seni Chaemdet
3th Exhibition of Mini Sculpture
Thai-Vietnam Contemporary Art Exhibition
A Fine Paintings
Out on the street
Pauline's Paintings
My Time Is Not Your Time
Somsak's Painting Works
Before Dawn
Musical Inspiration
Children's Illustration Exhibition
Shadow Play
Naturaleza Urbana
Joli n'a qu'un oeil

September The 45th National Art Exhibition
The 16th Exhibition of Contemporary Art by Young Artist
Children's Illustration Exhibition
Sharaku Interpreted by Contemporary Japanese Artists
Japanese Happiness or Unhappiness
Paintings 1999 by Somwong Tupparat
Art Exhibition of 19 Distinction Artists
Thai Artists in Time and Tide
A Touch of Siam
Graphic Arts
The Outlander
16th Art Exhibition
The Painting in the White Room
International Visual Art Exhibition
Graphically Paintings
Spirit of Life,Thought and Imagination
Soul Images
Reflection of Thai
Neil's Trip to Wonderland
3rd Thai IV
Life Under The Sun
Thai Form
Eat and View
East Meet West
Mae Tang,Chiang Mai Art Exhibition

October Cities on the move
Personal story
Colour Project I
Core 4
Expression 0
My Positive Life
Colourful Siam
Wonder of Nescafe
Scenery and Figures
The Harmonised World
River of Life
Art and Women
I Love Colour
Elements on Canvas
Inspired by Nature
Full of Fun and Fancy Free
60-70 Group
Cocoon:The Renaissance

November 11th Bring Good Things to Life Art Awards
The 14th Petroleam Authority of Thailand Art Competition
New Heart(2)
Street Lines
Anitjang Thukkhang Anata
On Passage to Buddha Encountered Gauguin passing by I think twice
The Two Nations
Thai Form
Vietnamese Emotions
Wings of the Wild
Jerusalem from The Air/Jerusalem in Old Maps
The 23rd Bua Luang Exhibition of Paintings,1999

Bangkok Art Exposition II
Her Presence In Colours IV
Recent and Selected Paintings Chatchai & Sakwut
Smells Like Art
Chao Phraya...The River of Kings
Luk Thai
Art 2000
Contemporary Art Exhibition 1999

December Art Exhibition by King Rama IX
The Art of Hebrew Script
The Time with No Name The Self with No Name
Natee Utarit Painting
Seacon Square Art Exposition
Winterly Window
Thailand's 72 Lightings Art Exhibition
Portraits of Father Exhibition
Stream of Survival
Today and Yesterday
On The Road to Luang Phrabang
New Paintings and Collages by Tilo Kaiser
Landscape Paintings
Robin Gillow's Exhibition
Snap Shot Exhibition
Art Exhibition by Candidates for Master's Degree of Painting,Silpakorn University
Stories about The Kingdom
Royal Photographs Exhibition
Exhibition of Art for All
The Silken Touch
Art for the King
Crossroads of Thailand
Preliminary Drawings and Sketches
1,999 works of art
Lotus-Essence of Consciousness
Foods For You
Bangkok Outsider 5
Pachyderm Charm
The World of Sop Moei Arts

Annual Exhibitions

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