Rama IX Art Museum
The Rama IX Art Museum was set up in 1996 with the objective of establishing a permanent


museum dedicated to Thai contemporary and modern art and to be named "The Rama IX Art Museum" in honor of H.M. The King Bhumipol Adulyadej.

A major art exhibition was undertaken by the Foundation in 1997 - the "Golden Jubilee Art Exhibition" to honor H.M. The King's Golden Jubilee and to raise funds for the musuem project.

Due to the ensuing economic and financial crisis over the past two years, fund raising efforts and support for such endeavor has diminished dramatically. It is unlikely that the Foundation will obtain sufficient funding from governmental and private sources to achieve its' objective in the near future.

Therefore it has been decided in early 1999 that the Foundation, with the limited resources still remaining, would in the meantime build the Rama IX Art Museum in cyberspace and dedicate this Website of Thai Contemporary and Modern Art to H.M. The King in celebration of his 72th birthday this December 5, 1999.



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