Rama IX Art Meseum Foundation
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+ We have published art book : Art in the Reign of Rama IX, 1997 ISBN 974-89782-5-7, 3 volumes, 910 pages, 550 reproduction plates.
+ We have published catalogue : Golden Art Jubilee Exhibition Catalogue, 1997 600 pages, 1,050 exhibited works with
artists' comments and biographies.
+ We have printed the auction catalogue for the FRA (Financial Sector Restructuring Authority).
+ We have organized exhibition for the FRA and Chirstie's Thailand Co.,Ltd., June, 1998.
+ We have leased paintings to Government Pension Fund for decorating its corporate offices.
+ We have rented our art display boards to the Siam Society.
+ We are catalogue TISCO Finance PLC's art collection.
+ We are catalogue Bank of Thailand's art collection.
+ We are designing home pages for artists and art galleries to be nestled in our Website.
+ We are producing CD-Card home pages for artists and art galleries.
+ We designed the website : Supreme Artist for His Majesty the King.
+ We designed and produced website for TISCO Asset Management Co., Limited (2004), Elephant Reintroduction Foundation
and Tisco Foundation.
+ We have organized and produced CD-Rom Supreme Artist website for the Grand Opening Art Museum of Supreme Artist : King Rama IX, August 26, 2004.
+ We are producing CD-Rom E-Book : His Majesty's Photographic Portrait for TISCO Bank Plc.
+ We have organized the art exhibition celebration and published catalogue : Art in the reign of King Rama IX : 6 Decades of Thai Art, 2006 ISBN 974-94520-0-3, 282 pages.
+ We designed and produced website for KasikornBank Art Collection (2007),TISCO Art Collection (2008) and LaksanaThai by Bangkok Bank (2009).

Our Offices

Rama IX Art Museum Foundation
255-257 Hua Seng Heng 2 Building, 7th Fl., Soi Mangkon, Yaowaraj Rd., Sampantawong, Bangkok 10100 Thailand.
Tel: (662) 623-2991-2 Fax: (662) 623-2992
   Our Office Map
+ Khun Sivaporn Dardarananda / Webmaster & Paymaster
+ Khun Ing-orn Thavornkit / General Manager
+ Khun Jutarat Sanoalam / Assistant Manager
+ Khun Veera Saidoung / Web Programmer
+ Khun Komsun Kroprakit / Web Designer
+ Khun Jarukorn Lapsongphol / Adminstator
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