Born : 1944, Chainat, Thailand
Education : Self - taught
Website :

Solo Exhibitions

2008 : "The wealth of land and stream", Numthong Gallery, Bangkok
2006 : "Elegy to the Painting", The Art Center, 7th Floor, Center of Academic Resources, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok
2005 : "Bliss of Solitude", 100 Tonson Gallery, Bangkok
2002 : "The Countryside", Numthong Gallery, Bangkok
2001 : "Wild Orchids", Galeriasia, Hong Kong
1999 : "Golden Conquest", Numthong Gallery, Bangkok
1998 : "Dark Age", Centers for Academic Resources, Chulalongkorn University
1997 : "Prototype of the Dark Age", Numthong Gallery, Bangkok
1995 : "Chao Praya", Silom Art Space, Bangkok
1993 : "Golden Worms", Silom Art Space, Bangkok
1992 : "Return of the Golden Era", Dialogue Gallery, Bangkok
1990 : "Oriental Soul", Central Department Store, Bangkok
1987 : "Ocean Symphony", British Council, Bangkok, Chiangmai
1986 : "Existing of Splendour", Gourmet Gallery, Bangkok
1985 : Watercolor, Regent Hotel, Bangkokv
1983 : Watercolor and Drawing, Visual Dhamma Gallery, Bangkok
1982 : Watercolor at British Council, Bangkok
1981 : "Chao Praya", Bhirasri Institute of Modern Art, Bangkok
1979 : Pacific Design Center, Los Angeles, CA.

Selected Group Exhibitions

2004 : Ode to the Period's Difference, Tang Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand
2000 : Kwangju Biennale 2000 Man + Space, Kwangju, Korea
1999 : "Love" Tachikawa, Tokyo, Japan
1998 : Self - Portrait, Numthong Gallery, Bangkok
: Plastic (Other) Waste Project, Art Center for Academic Resource Chulalongkorn University Art Gallery
: World Artists for Tibet, Project 304, Bangkok
1997 : Conversing Contemporary, Numthong Gallery, Bangkok
: Corners, Project 304, Bangkok
: 12th Asian International Art Exhibition, Macau
1996 :Golden Jubilee Art Exhibition : 50 years of Thai Art, Queen Sirikit National Convention Center, Bangkok
1992 : Drawing Exhibition, Dialogue Gallery, Bangkok
1991 : Change and Modernism in Thai Art, curated by Peera Ditbanjong Canberra Contemporary Art Space, ACT, Australia
1990-92 : Asian Watercolor, Hongkong, Korea, Indonesia, Taiwon
1989 : Contemporary Thai Artists Exhibition, escape Pierre Cardin, Paris, France
1988 : 7th White Group Exhibition, Thailand Cultural Center, Bangkok
: ASEAN Watercolor Exhibition, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
1987 : Aesthetics in Honor to His Majesty the King Exhibition, Bangkok Bank Gallery
1984 : The Asian Arts Exhibition, 1984
: Guest Artists, Bhirasri Institute of Modern Art, Bangkok
1983 : Contemporary Printmaking & Drawing from Thailand, Nurnberg, Federal Republic of Germany
: 2nd White Group Exhibition, Bhirasri Institute of Modern Art, Bangkok
1982 : Pacific Asia Museum, Pasadena, CA.
: Art After 1932, Thammasat University, Bangkok
: 1st White Group Exhibition, Bhirasri Institute of Modern Art, Bangkok
1980 : M.M. Shinno Gallery, Los Angeles , CA.
: Thai artists in the US, College of Arts and Crafts, Bangkok
1979 : Los Angeles Institute of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, CA.

The Sun is setting down,
Behind the blanket of gray cloud,
Shining brightly along the cloud peaks,
While I am looking at it,
The horizon starts radiating brilliant beige light,
Then, the Sun moves gently down the cloud,
Big spot,
In scarlet red.
The vivid orange color brightens all blanket of cloud
and the sky,
So magnificent like the Heaven.
Suddenly, I am startled as if woke up from a dream.
I turn away to another side.
Oh ... What a trouble life !
Is it the reality ?
Have I got to return to the reality ?
What I turn away may be the absurdity !
What is the true value of life ?
If need to choose, ...
Alas, I cannot face to both sides in the same time.

All you have read above are the written self - portrait.
For the painted self - portrait , you have to look.