Rama IX Art Museum Foundation
Artist : Chavalit Soemprungsuk

The passing time and veteran experiences on the road to Art, cannot but leave impacts on an art-maker's thoughts and state of mind. These and these alone can give him more freedom, while growing old in the world in which he moves from day to day. Gradually but steadily, they release him from the binding rules and man-made systems, relieving him from the perpetual need to search for identity, or to create a new style which is exclusively and individually his own. They set him free from the urge to prove himself to the world, from his self-created prison and obsessions, from all isms and ideologies, from the changing modes and gimmicks of the time.

The merit of my current works lies in this sense of freedom, sincerely breathing out a final release from both realism and abstraction, from both beauty and ugliness. What remains is Wisdom, born in the depth of the soul, which is mine and mine alone.

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