Rama IX Art Museum

Elephant In My Mind
by Jakraphan Chaijit

on 14th February - 16th April, 2005

at Maesa Exhibition Hall,
Maesa Elephant Nursery Maesa Elephant Camp, Maerim, Chiangmai


:: Outline of thoughts ::
Elephants in My Mind

Elephants are in my soul.

I would like to present my thought of the human mind and the universe which are related in the way that they move together, through my art pieces.

My intention shows the success of the harmony in moving, which will bring peace to earth.

I was born in the Lanna’s year of Elephant, my father, the local wood crafting artist and my first art teacher, inspired me to take after his artistic skills: the art productions in elephant forms.

My works are based on the Arts and Elephants and my liberal thoughts.

Maesa Elephant Camp offered me the great opportunity by supporting me in the arrangement of this special Art Exhibition, to promote my works to the public and the interest groups.
Especially, the exhibition among real elephants, will fulfill my aim of “Elephants in My Heart”.

I do believe that my works will spell out more or less my thoughts in taking elephants as the symbol of mind in the artistic way.
The coordinated movement of all things will bring about peace and harmony in wellbeing on earth.

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