Rama IX Art Museum

"My whole ambition as an artist is to materialize the image of irrationality (lust) with the most imperialistic fury and precision so the world of imagination and conquered irrationality becomes an object of the same durability and with the same meaningfulness and communicable thickness as the external world of phenomenal reality. This illusion is the greatest insight of my feeling. What I try to say comes from motion in my soul. I use my work to suggest an overwhelming sense of motion through time and space. In my imagination and dreams, time and space become one; they vibrate with an irrational quality attributable to the dream although I know they have the original beat of reality. Artwork is my love made visible; it represents everything in the infinite universe materialized through my imagination."


Born :

1939, Chiang Rai, Thailand

Pass Away :

2014, Thailand


1954 - 1957 :

Arts and Crafts College, Bangkok.

1958 - 1963 :

Silpakorn University, Bangkok.

1964 - 1968 :

Rijks Akademie van beeldende Kunsten, Amsterdam.

Occupation :

Freelance Artist

One - Man Exhibition :

1964 :

- Bangkok Gallery, Bangkok.

- Selangor Club, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

1967 :

Stedelijk Museum of Modern Art, Amsterdam Museum Amsterdam Nord.

1968 :

- Gallery 20, Bangkok.

- Student Christian Center, Bangkok.

1970 :

- Buddhist Association Hall, Chiang Mai.

- Chiang Mai Unviersity, Chiang Mai.

1971 :

Goethe-lnstitute, Bangkok.

1972 :

Downtown Gallery, Honolulu.

1973 :

British Council, Bangkok.

1974 :

Thammasat University, Bangkok.

1976 :

British Council, Bangkok.

1977 :

National Museum, Jerusalem Israel Gallery, Debel Einkarem. Larael Stedelijk Museum of Modern Art, Amsterdam Wanderaussteliang in Bern and Zurich, Switzerland.

1978 :

Schloss Krottorf, Friesenhagen, Germany.

1980 :

Completion of Private Museum with a one-man show in Chiang Rai.

1986 :

Schloss Korttorf Mural Paintings.

2004 :

Trinity, on October 9'2004-January 11'2005, at The Queen's Gallery

Group Exhibition :

- Participated in various Exhibitions in Asia, America, South America, Australia and Europe

- Mural Paintings for Royal Thai Embassies in Buenos Aires, Vienna and Paris; Student Christian Center, Bangkok; KLM Resthouse, Bangkok; Shell Building; Schloss Krottorf, Germany

Resident :

4 Moo Ban Navathani, Sukhapibal 2 Road, Bangkapi, Bangkok 10240 Thailand


Thai Artist