Pratuang Emjaroen

ประเทือง เอมเจริญ


"My paintings portray all happening in the course of nature and the way of life; be it ugliness or horror, cruelty or love and care; be it joyous smiles or sad tears; be it trouble or peace. All of what one mustencounter in life --- my life, your life, anybody's life. It is a total revelation. If you can acknowledge happenings in your life, you can grasp the meaning of my works as easily as seeing and understanding what occurs to yourself both within and without."

From "On Life and Art," in 5th Dharma Group exhibition catalog (Bangkok : Bhirasri Institute of Modern Art, 1984), p.11


Born : 1935 Bangkok, Thailand
Pass Away : 2022
Address : Emjaroen Studio, 48/1 Moo 7, Bangkhae Nuea, Pasicharoen, Bangkok 10160 Thailand. Tel : (662) 454-0769
Education : Self Taught Artist
Selected Individual Exhibitions
1966 - Kesorn Gallery, Bangkok
1978 - Goethe-Institute, Bangkok
1979 - Pacific Design Center, L.A., U.S.A.
1980 - The 16 Years Introspective Exhibition, Silpakorn Art Gallery, Bangkok
1987 - "The Colorful Spectrum of Pratuang Emjaroen" Art Affairs, Singapore
- "The Deep Sea" British Council, Bangkok
1988 - "Natural Phenomena" Emjaroen Studio
- "Natural Phenomena" Wien, Australia
1993 - Magic of the River, One-Man Exhibition, British Council Gallery, Bangkok
1994 - The Sun in Love of the Sea, One-Man Exhibition, The Opening Ceremony of Emjaroen Studio, Emjaroen Studio, Bangkok
2001 - The Sea, The Opening Ceremony of Emjaroen Studio, Emjaroen Studio, Bangkok
2005 - Spirit of Art, The Queen's Gallery, Bangkok
Selected Group Exhibitions
1962 - Contemporary Art Exhibition, Tourist Promotion Organization, of Thailand, Bangkok
1966 - Contemporary Art Exhibition, Patumwan Gallery, Bangkok
1971 - 1st Dharma Group Art Exhibition, E.T.O. Building, Klongtoey Harbour, Bangkok
1974 - Contemporary Art, Bhirasri Institute of Modern Art, Bangkok
1975 - 2nd Dharma Group Art Exhibition, The Mint Building, Bangkok
- Contemporary Art Exhibition, Monalisa Gallery, Pattaya
- First Year Celebration of Bhirasri Institute, Bangkok
1976 - Tisco Contemporary art Exhibition, Bangkok
- 2nd Bua Luang Art Exhibition, Bangkok
- 3rd Dharma Group Art Exhibition, Bhirasri Exhibition
- Contemporary Art 70 Germany
1979 - Thai-American Artists, Art Exhibition, U.S.A.
- Vision Gallery U.S.A.
- Contemporary Art Exhibition of 9 Thai Artists, Chinno Gallery, U.S.A.
- Contemporary Art Exhibition of 4 Thai Artists, Press Club, U.S.A.
- The Art Exhibition of 4 Thai Artists 838 Studio, U.S.A.
- 1st Art Exhibition of Thailand, Bangkok
1982 - The Emjaroen's Art Exhibition, Oriental Plaza, Bangkok.
- Contemporary Art of Thailand Exhibition, Asia Pacific Museum, U.S.A.
- Contemporary Art Exhibition, Ambassador College Art Gallery, U.S.A.
- Contemporary Art Exhibition, Chinno Gallery, U.S.A., Down Town Gallery, U.S.A.
- Asian Contemporary Art Exhibition of Indonesia Malaysia Philippines singapore Thailand
1983 - "Art since 1932" Thammasat University, Bangkok
- 4th Dharma Group Art Exhibition, Goethe-Institute, Bangkok
1984 - "Spirit and Emotion" Visual Dharma Gallery, Bangkok
- 5th Dharma Group Art Exhibition, Bhirasri Institute of Modern Art, Bangkok
1986 - "Inter Grafik 86" Berlin, Democratic Republic of Germany
- Tisco Contemporary Art Exhibition, Bangkok
1989 - "Colors of April" River City Shopping Center, Bangkok
-Two Artists Art Exhibition, Thai Art Council L.A., U.S.A.
- 100 Years of Professor Anumarn Rachathon Wang-ta-pra Gallery
- Asian Contemporary Art Exhibition, Fuguoka Museum, Japan
- The Exhibition of Dharma Group 6 "Nature and Life" Musical art Center
1992 - The World Through the Light of Art, The 7th Dharma Group Exhibition, Musical art Center, Bangkok
1993 -Beauty in Dimensions River City Shopping Complex, Bangkok
- The Bowers Museum, Santa Ana, California, U.S.A.
1995 - Kamol and His artists Friends, The National, Bangkok
- Five Great Artists of Thailand, Osodh Sapha Tek Heng Yu Office, Bangkok
2006 - Drawing, 44 Arts Modern & Contemporary Thailand Art, Bangkok
2007 - Identity, CP Seven Art Gallery, Bangkok

Rama IX Collection

Gift from the artist