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Christoph & Lani Zimmermann Private Contemporary Art Collection’


Private Contemporary
Art Collection
‘Christoph & Lani Zimmermann Private Contemporary Art Collection’
The New Contemporary Art Gallery in Chiang Mai

These works of art have been collected for 25 years by Christoph & Lani Zimmermann, a spouse fascinated in contemporary art. The starting point of art collection was thanks to personal preference and a chance to live in artistically rich country as Germany, since Christoph was a Honorary Consul of the Federal Republic of Germany and Lani was a model in France. When both of them spent their lives together, their preferences and interests of art lead to further step. They have always collected over a hundred contemporary art works until now.

For example, the painting entitled ‘Sleeping Child’ using Oil on Canvas technique by Jörg Immendorff (June 14, 1945 — May 28, 2007), a German world Neo-Expressionist professor, painter and sculptor who won Bambi Awards and was a co-founder of the art movement Neue Wilde. The Immendorff’s work was accepted in a way of expressing realism, especially ingeniously reflecting conflict between East and West Germany. His work was exhibited in many world galleries including Museum of Modern Art, New York, US, National Gallery of Art, Washington DC, Us, The Weserburg of Modern Art, Bremen, Germany, and The Art Institute of Chicago, US.

Christoph & Lani not only collected the world famous foreign artists’ works of art, but also collected Thai front-row artists’ works such as ‘Lost’ using Oil on Canvas technique by Tawee Ratchaneekorn, a Thai national artist in a field of visual arts (painting) in 2005, who created both paintings and sculptures in a way of a reflection of society, politics, environment, Dhamma, etc., and owner of Tawee Art Gallery, Nakhon Ratchasima Province.

The work of art by Rirkrit Tiravanija, a Thai contemporary artist, one of the important leaders of a new field of art named ‘Relational Aesthetics’, who also created works of art which were enhancing audience engagement, especially in the conceptual art work ‘Pad Thai’ in 1990. It presented some particularities of Thai people. He cooked Pad Thai in a gallery in NY himself, which adapted art space into canteen in order to cook for the guests. They would not see any art object but eat Pad Thai, talk, and meet with artists and other participants. That made him called ‘A Hero of Thai Contemporary Art’.

The painting by Natee Utarit, a Thai artist who made reputation in international art scene, first Thai artist who exhibited his painting in Louvre Museum, France. Presently, he signed a contract with the world leading galleries and dealers such as ARNDT — Germany, Gallery Hyundai — South Korea, Richard Koh Fine Art — Singapore and Malaysia, including Art Seasons Galleries in China, Indonesia, and Singapore.

Moreover, within ‘Christoph & Lani Zimmermann Private Contemporary Art Collection’, there are plenty of works of art by famous Thai and foreign artists, including the books for all those interested in art. The exhibition of private art collection was aimed to pass on the rare valuable arts, especially for students, art teachers, and those interested in art with free admission.

Due to the fact that this gallery opens in a private space, please feel free to contact us if you want more information or want to visit via email: zimmermann.collection@gmail.com, Tel. 6689 417 7022. If you want to preview the atmosphere and some of the works of art, you can follow us on the Instagram: zimmermann.collection or Facebook: Zimmermann Collection in Chiang Mai

If you want more information in any particular part, Please contact Lani Zimmermann, Tel. 6689 417 7022 / Email: lani_zm@hotmail.com
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