Before Birth -After Death (Painting)
Kamln Lertchaiprasert. November,2010
Where the past begins and where the future will end is unknown. Only the present. we can feel and connect to the past and to the future. The present is the future of the past and it is the past of the future.

What would be the state before life begins and what would be the state after death? Is it true we cannot experience the states both before life begins and after death? Or the states both before life begin and after death actually exist? Or both states exist at the present and that is "life" itself. Life that has never changed. Life is a force of energy or is in fact the laws of nature.

Every moment in daily living is totally vital. We can not predict the unexpected situation that might occur at any point in time. We can die any moment without any warning circumstance. Death is the only just rule that make us humans equal. No matter how rich or how poor you are or how good or how bad you are. we have to come to the moment that our soul will be separated from our body. Our soul is an energy. which is never born and will never die.

I believe that art is a learning process to understand the truth of life and the laws of nature. In this art series of mine. I would like to introduce the audience to share my experience and creation to gain awareness of "value" and the meaning of our existence, of who vie are. from where we come. for what we live, to where we go. At the end of our lives, we can not bring anything with us, no matter wealth. fame and reputation. Living in the present moment while letting go of self. and being one with nature might yield us some understanding about the state before birth and after death. This might be the only way for us to appreciate the real meaning and value of our existence in the moment.

Creative process
The drawings are the process of learning to comprehend the truth of life and laws of nature in daily living according to my own direct experience.

I used my daily gadget gained from the circumstances I experienced such as letters, air-tickets. receipts. postcards printed media, packaging. newspapers. or other printed matter etc. All of these artifacts represent my social experience. which affect my daily emotion and thought. I bring these artifacts gathered from different times. locations situations and collated them together to recreate new meaning just like a "critical record of experiences" of daily living and then drew the skull on top.

The skull, I intended to represent impermanence and the changing in the laws of nature, which apply in anything at any moment. After I finished drawing. I spent time to contemplate over the real value and meaning of each situation that took place in my daily living through Vipassana meditation seeking what are causes and effects and what would be the closure. I tried to see things as it is by using the "minimum" of my bias. I used the process of drawing as a learning process to understand my inner self and the laws of nature with my analytical viewpoint on certain experience towards the drawings.

Then, I selected 24 drawings that I think they are the most creation to gain awareness of "value" and the meaning of our existence to enlarge to be the painting which size 140 cm. by 220 cm. These paintings are part of the project "Before Birth - After Death".