Rama IX Art Museum Foundation


Curator's Note

The curatorial role currently determined by artists is a reverse itself; yet should the role turn redone would come an experimental framework for artists and curator to explore together as I am doing now. To work on differences is nothing new to me yet each time is challenging still. In the BOND exhibition 'friendship' made thematic framework for it originally brought the White Group into existence with main influence of the late Montien Boonma. BOND is meant to look beyond personhood of the artist but rather to relationship between and among art and artists.

It is true that 'Bornd' can be a sentimental matter less influenced by any trend of contemporary art. Yet like the other sentimental alike; feeling, belief, faith, soul, imagination and the non scientific in any art practices, it all can take part in a cultural identity, Thai identity in this case.

The attempt to raise the issue of personhood and relationship here explains that a myth is held in the Thai society about the good and the famous as always the same case, which show insufficient professionalism in principle and in practice. This time the White Group explores beyond personhood, of artist Montien Boonma, to relationship, with Montien's art, developed from their sharing experiences and thoughts in art and art exhibitions along those years of friendship, naturally with discrepancies of insights at times. The BOND yet again comes with a string to the relationship with Montien as a person that bears influence on this thematic exhibition.

An ultimate agenda in this exhibition is the pure, friendly intentions of the White Group towards along lost friend with no hidden business agenda. I personally see it respectful, to the artist, audience and society.

Ark Fongsmut